Kate Stockman

Kate Stockman is a creative, intuitive thinker & trend forecaster who believes in cross-disciplinary solutions and has a passion for future brand development, fashion and powerful through-the-line-communication.
That’s why she founded her own company.

Kate always had multiple sensors, aerials or antennas” as she calls them, to feel what’s going on in the world, what is coming and why. It always felt natural to her. Kate covers an interesting and impressive scope. From fashion, over design, food, modern art, communication to psychology, to nightlife and science connected with nature.

She’s always ahead of things. She describes it like this: “ It’s about seeing the first ripples in the sea, to be ahead of the wave and not behind.”

Do you know Generation Flux? ‘Fluxers’ are the pioneers of the new (and chaotic) frontier of business. Generation Flux knows how to roll with change.
See it as innovators who embrace instability, tolerate chaos and even enjoy recalibrating careers, business models and assumptions.

Spotting this generation in an early stage, Kate realized she’s been one of them her entire career.
Kate is about adapting to disruption, succeeding in finding relevance and the ability to pass it on to others.Kate is an early adopter of the international “generation flux” movement.

Her seemingly rambling trajectory (from creative brainstorms for global food innovations to organizing brand positioning workshops to launching a fashion web shop or coaching retail concepts) actually makes perfect sense.
Kate turns an industry in flux into HER playground.

Favourite question? “Nice, but is it relevant to the end consumer?


This ‘flux’ attitude is woven trough her career and experiences over the years.
Kate was Creative Director at the international communication agency Square Melon/Demonstrate, where she serviced FAST MOVING MARKET brands & clients like Cote d’Or, Alpro, Coca-Cola International, AB INBEV, J&B, Smirnoff, Kraft, Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, ING, Durex, Jupiler, Vitaminwater and many more.

She was Creative Director / Marketing-Communications director for a series of companies that rocked the international communication & design scene.
Creneau International
Addict Creative Lab

There she worked on (inter)national clients like Diesel, Levi’s, Nike, Lee Cooper, Absolut Vodka, Piper Heidsieck, Veuve Clicquot, Baccardi-Martini, Coca-Cola, Dark, and many more.

Kate has a strong experience in urban fashion as a Marketing and Communications manager (Inwear Matinique , SB & Partners, Appel’s Girls fashion) and an early background as a fashion & food photographer.

Quote Karl-Heinz Muller, founder of the famous international Bread and Butter trade shows for selected brands:

“ Kate not only knows and feels brands in a great way, she’s just a brand on her own.”