Kate Stockman

Wether you like it or not, the world is changing.
 There is no ‘once and for all’, and we better accept it.

In this “Transformation Age”
 more radical approaches to problem-solving are required! Innovation has to become the standard option rather than a niche activity! This age requires decisions, not sitting on the fence, compromise or slow solutions.
The global recession has prompted both small and giant firms to re-assess their business strategies.

Kate started her company to coach & guide companies, in their strategy to become suited for this new, unpredictable age of business.

Kate dedicates time to people and companies who really want to understand consumers to create future-proof campaigns, products and services.

Kate likes to work from within companies, co-creating a brand & communication strategy with the in-house teams. She knows that in order to make your strategy work, everybody needs to be on board.

Because of her extensive experience as a creative director and brand strategist, Kate is able to harness the power of your team and rally them together to futureproof your brand.

Retail Coach

Kate provides transparent, trend-inspirational and if needed very practical retail advice, incl. inspiration briefs, lectures, workshops and hands-on consultancy.

Her expertise in retail concept development is focused on helping retailers with creative and strategic advice and implementation.
She coaches teams in future- and consumer-inspired merchandising & sales techniques.

She is comfortable working for small independent retailers and big international fashion & design brands alike.
Kate encourages companies to build from their own strength and identity to start building from. She gives clear insights on what’s happening in the world and what people are looking for in life.

Her inspiration is based on in-depth experience, a strong intuition and trend insights.

Call Kate & team for custom-made coaching on big & small retail brands, from retail marketing, over visual merchandising to e-commerce.