Kate Stockman

“Kate Stockman” stands for Communal Grounds for creativity, strategy and trend(r)evolutions.
In 2012, Kate Stockman founded this brand new agency-that-is-not.
After racking up an impressive resume at some of the most respected agencies around (click trough CASES), she ventured out on her own to focus all her energy and experience on trend based innovation & transformation projects.

If you ask Kate what her company does, she’s very clear.
“It can’t be put into words that easily. That’s on purpose. As the world is in a transformation mode, it’s not wise to have a rigid, boxed proposition as a company.
I never wanted to be locked in one box. I never was, and I certainly never will.”

Kate’s virtual hub is founded on creative (= problem solving) ground.
As in today’s turbulent market small is a huge advantage.
Kate’s Communal Grounds, her co-working method with other talented peers, keeps it that way.

If you feel like joining Kate’s Communal Grounds and work together on future proof projects, please contact here.